Milkshake | Wayuu Crossbody Bucket Bag - Bombaby
Milkshake | Wayuu Crossbody Bucket Bag - Bombaby
Milkshake | Wayuu Crossbody Bucket Bag - Bombaby
Milkshake | Wayuu Crossbody Bucket Bag - Bombaby
Milkshake | Wayuu Crossbody Bucket Bag - Bombaby

Milkshake | Wayuu Crossbody Bucket Bag

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A pastel-infused woven bag with pom pom drawstring and delicious flashes of baby pinks, powdery blues and soft beige panels. With intricate, hand-stitched details and made in tiny, exclusive batches, these head-turning artisanal bags are 'pinch-me' special.

So very pretty and good enough to demolish, the 'Milkshake' pom-pom bucket bag is brought to life by talented Wayuu women in the La Guajira peninsula in northern Colombia. This 100% organic 'Mochila' bag takes up to 15 days to weave by hand with just a single strand of hand-spun thread, making a very tight and strong weave. 

Working in collaboration with Daniela at the woman-owned brand Castellano in Colombia, we are thrilled to bring you this exclusive, carefully curated collection of pastel-bright and neon-infused Mochila bags in simply extraordinary colours.

Only four are available of each.

The Story:

  • The Mochila bag is made by the Arhuaco people, woven only by the women.
  • Each bag is though to preserve the thoughts of the Arhuaco women who would traditionally weave them for their husbands, enabling them to record their thoughts within their very fibres and thus maintain a connection with their husband for a lifetime.
  • There are strong spiritual and cosmological meanings to these bags, beyond the aesthetics.
  • Made from 100% organic sheep's wool.
  • Every 4 months, in a new moon, the Arhuaco women shear the sheep to make thread for their Mochilas.
  • The all-natural colours and pigments are from plants, roots, bark & wood.

For more of the romantic story behind these beautifully crafted bags, please read Product Details below.


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  • For starlets of all ages.

Typical dimensions (approx): L: 20 cm, W: 25cm, D: 16 cm, strap length: 110 to 115cm.

Due to the hand made nature of each design, bottom of the bag, size and shape will differ slightly.

🌍 Supporting ethical & handmade clothing, Wayuu craftsmanship and sustainable fashion.

🧵 Empowering Wayuu women to develop their weaving skills.

The Story

The Arhuaco Mochila bags are the most representative item of the Arhuaco people. These organic and 100% natural cross-body bags are mainly worn by male members of the Arhuaco people. The bags are only woven by Wati (the Arhuaco women), who posses the energy and wisdom to make this unique creation for their husband.

It is not only the intricate and time-consuming technique that makes them so special, but the ancient traditions and symbolism that they represent make them so fascinating too. The human story is lovingly imprinted on each bag; the spiritual and cosmological meaning expands beyond its aesthetic appeal.

The Mochila allows women to record their thoughts within their very fibres and therefore keep the wife in connection with her husband for all their lives.

The authentic, organic fabric used for the Mochila bags usually comes from sheep's wool that the Arhuaca women and children make at home. Every 4 months, in the new moon, the Arhuaca women shear the sheep to make the thread for their Mochilas. The process is time consuming as they have to both make the thread and then spin it into a yarn.

The natural colours and pigments are made from plants, roots, bark and wood from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Originally, Mochilas were woven only with natural fibers from their lands, such as fique and cotton. Later the Spanish introduced sheep's wool.

The bags usually carry indigenous drawings or representations of animals and other objects of their cosmology.

Hand-wash only and please treat with the love, respect and care they deserve.

We hope that our products really do last you a lifetime, but it's also important to remember that they are made entirely by hand and therefore require the care and respect they fully deserve, if they are to stand the test of time.

Think of them as investment pieces and treat them with real love and care, after all: they are lovingly made artisan items from India. There's no fast, disposable fashion here.

Some Helpful Reminders

Block Print Bedding:

- only ever wash gently by hand, or on a very cool, short cycle with like colours in the machine. Cotton voile is a thin fabric that needs to be washed delicately.

- never tumble dry and avoid using harsh chemicals.

- a good steam can help with creases!

- neon block print fabrics are at risk of running if left damp for too long, so do take care.

Quilted Bags & Accessories:

- please don't overload our handmade bags & wash bags, if you wish to preserve the longevity of the straps and zips.

- spot cleaning is fine and tote bags can benefit from a short, cool wash if needed with like colours. Please line dry and be aware that, whilst our inks are colour fast, neon dyes may transfer when wet, so dry with care.

- take care not to soak our block printed bags and accessories, as the neon colours can transfer if not dried quickly.


- chips and bumps are normal; please don't expect machine made perfection!

- wash in cool, soapy water only and do not put in the dishwasher or expose to extreme heat.

Mother of Pearl & Bone Inlay:

- these handmade boxes and trays are sturdy but fragile; they will need to be handled with real care.

Just remember: a little care and love goes a long way with all of our beautiful handmade products.

Ethical | Bespoke | Handmade

All of our bespoke bedding and quilted accessories are designed in Rutland, but made entirely by hand in India; our team of artisans in Jaipur hand-block the fabric, stitch each item slowly by hand and finish our cosy quilts with the beautiful and delicate ‘running stitch’ that gives your block print bedding that gorgeous circular surface pattern. We only make things in small batches so, when they’ve sold out, it may take us some time to get more in stock; in fact, each batch is completely unique, and our product designs are constantly evolving.

As with all handmade products and block print bedding, please expect some variation in stitching and occasional splashes of ink on the hand-blocked fabric from the intricate printing process are perfectly normal. In fact, these are wonderful reminders that your items are slowly and ethically made by people in artisan communities, rather than simply run off a conveyor belt in a factory; no two items can ever be the same, which is what makes them so unique and one-of-a-kind.

There is beauty in the imperfection; it is what gives them all such personality and charm. Every single piece tells a story, and we hope you will be inspired by the magical prints and their thought-provoking heritage.

Please read our full ‘How it’s Made’ section for more information on block printing and our creative team in Jaipur, India.

🌍 With sustainability being so important to us all these days (and rightly so), Bombaby is proud to bring you these ethically sourced and slowly made block print textiles; every pattern has been painstakingly block printed and our quilted accessories are sewn entirely by hand using traditional methods. No fast fashion here!

🧵 Our team of skilled artisans in Jaipur have lovingly created these bespoke accessories for you in small, exclusive batches; take pleasure in the fact that they haven't been created in their thousands on a factory conveyor belt! 

🎨 Every single product is entirely unique with it's quirks and variations in details; it's precisely what makes them so special! We don't launch new collections each season; we use up the materials we already have and print all of our fabric to order to minimise waste.

💥 Leave a lasting legacy. 1 quilt = 1 tree planted. Read more about the project on our sustainability page.

Speedy Shipping | Hassle-free Returns

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  • Standard Delivery (Tracked 48): £3.95
  • Standard over £50 (Tracked 48): FREE
  • Speedy Standard (Tracked 24): £5.95


  • £10* (Special Delivery)

*Express orders must be placed by 11am; signatures are required on all.

Returns: items returned within 30 days and in unused condition will be eligible for a refund. Sale items will only be eligible for a credit note.

Simply contact to organise your hassle-free return. Please read our full policy for all the details here.

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