Bringing together style and sustainability with our ethical home accessories

Every home accessory product in the Bombaby range has been designed based on the ethos: “ethical | bespoke | handmade”. Just as “ethical” comes first in our ethos, ethics and sustainability are at the forefront of everything we do here at Bombaby. From the materials we use to how our products are made and packaged and our new tree-planting commitment, we are determined to do our bit for the planet.

A summary of our sustainability commitment:

  • Our ethical accessories are slowly made by hand in small batches (you won’t find any mass-made products here).
  • All of our fabric is hand printed to order, meaning no waste during production. Where there is any leftover fabrics, we use them as linings in our colourful boho accessories, making our products even more bespoke and original. Every single one tells a different story and no two are ever the same.
  • We use high-quality sustainable materials, meaning our products are designed to last a lifetime.
  • Eco-friendly packaging is used to protect both your home accessory products and the planet.
  • We plant a Legacy Tree on your behalf for every quilt purchased, to help offset the emissions produced by shipping our accessories.
  • We also batch our products for shipping, even when made by different suppliers in India, in an attempt to reduce emissions rather than simply racing to get our products here as fast as possible. We aren't bound by the strictly imposed timelines of autumn/spring/summer/winter collections like other fast fashion labels. We are happy to take our time!
  • We limit wholesale so as to protect the 'slow' nature of our production; we also don't want to put unnecessary pressure on our team in Jaipur with vast orders that need speedy production.

Ethical home accessories that last a lifetime

Our ethical home accessories are slowly made by hand, in teeny tiny batches. Not only does that mean your Bombaby product is unique and exclusive to you, but it also means that our products are not mass-made. Time and care go into producing every single product and our ethical home accessories are designed to last a lifetime so that you can treasure your high-quality products whilst also helping to reduce waste. Our fabric is entirely printed to order; we never make more than we need.

With so much greenwashing taking place and empty words being thrown around, we endeavour to be as open as possible about how our products are made and the materials we use. All of our home accessories start as a sparkly idea in my head and are designed here at our Rutland home. This vision is then brought to life by our trusted partners in Jaipur. We partner with an established and reputable business in Jaipur who are ethically audited and continually work to improve conditions for the talented artisans who make our products. 

The bright Bombaby designs are brought to life in Jaipur using the technique of block printing, whereby wooden blocks are filled with colour and our artisans painstakingly create the neon patterns by hand. We have hand-picked the materials that go into making our ethical home accessories. Azo-free dyes are used to create the bright colours that Bombaby is known for and our designs are printed onto luxurious 100% cotton voile.

Find our more about how we make our ethical home accessories

Protecting the planet with sustainable packaging 

There is nothing worse than ordering a sustainable product only to find that it arrives wrapped in single-use plastic, right?! Well, there is none of that at Bombaby. Our ethical home accessories are packed up by hand (by me) and are packaged entirely in recycled/ recyclable packaging. Sustainability has informed every part of our packaging, right down to the tape we use. The only part of our packaging which is not recyclable is the postage bags which are compostable.

Planting a legacy tree on your behalf

We understand that even with slowly and ethically made home accessories and sustainable packaging, there is still an environmental cost of shipping our products from Jaipur. To help offset the emissions produced by shipping our accessories, we have partnered with David Fairley Gardens to plant a legacy tree on your behalf, for every heirloom quilt ordered!

Our heirloom quilts are designed to be exactly that, a family heirloom that lasts a lifetime and can be treasured for generations. But a beautiful boho quilt that can be adored for years is not the only lasting legacy your purchase will create. You can also leave a lasting environmental legacy that can be treasured by generations to come with the tree we plant on your behalf.


How the legacy tree planting scheme works:

  1. You order your heirloom quilt from the Bombaby range and receive your bespoke boho quilt in the post (packaged sustainably, of course).
  2. We plant a sapling tree on your behalf at one of David Fairley Gardens Future Forests in Leicestershire. We have a what3words reference for all of the trees we plant at Bombaby, so that we can keep track of and even visit the trees we plant on your behalf.
  3. Your tree will capture approximately 25% of carbon, in relation to its weight. So as your tree grows, so does its environmental impact. 

Both your heirloom quilt and your tree will create a beautiful lasting legacy that can be enjoyed for generations.

Eclectic and ethical home accessories

I combined my love for neon with my eye for detail and a passion for Indian textiles at the end of 2021 and founded Bombaby, so we are just starting on our journey of creating ethical home accessories. As you can see, we are determined to do our bit for the environment, but we also understand that the sustainability journey is an endless one and there is always more we can do to protect the planet. We will continue to embrace our “ethical | bespoke |  handmade” ethos, keeping ethics and sustainability at the heart of our Bombabes Club and ethical home accessories.