the face behind the brand

my bombaby story

Usually clad in neon and travelling at a million miles an hour in all that I do, Bombaby began at the end of 2021; a chance encounter with a supplier, a sprinkling of fate and a strong desire for some much-needed change in my life is where it all really started.

Welcome to Bombaby; I'm the owner, Sarah.

making memories

For the love of that 'one' treasured thing...

When I was a child, every Christmas you’d find me and my younger brother pinching ourselves, excited for our “one” special gift. My parents were raised with much less than we were and, whilst I was extremely fortunate to have had a privileged upbringing, they poured into us a deep value and appreciation for our belongings.

So under our family Christmas tree wasn’t a huge pile of spilling presents—but one, utterly special gift that I would keep untouched for a week just to soak in its magic; one that I’d treasure for many years to come.

So maybe just a touch serendipitous that Bombaby would only bring totally beautiful things that were made to last?

I’ll leave that one to you.

thoughtful cifting

creating unashamedly beautiful gifts

We’re told in today’s society that it’s not about the ‘item’, but about the thought behind it.

Call me argumentative, but I was always unashamed about appreciating lovingly made items that were lovingly gifted.

There’s no fast fashion here, but there is all the power to splurge on beautiful, aspirational gifts that bring joy for years, were thoughtfully gifted (to yourself or another), and that just happen to be ethical, sustainable and designed to last a lifetime.

treasure hunter

literature teacher, mother of two, magpie shopper...

When I’m not sketching designs on scraps of paper, shopping for dazzling things, or gorgeously wrapping up a customer’s order, I’m a busy mum of two that works full-time as an English Literature teacher. Books were my way into Indian culture, and that was where I found this vivid, exotic world that literally pulled me towards it.

Short story: a chance encounter with a supplier in Jaipur, some risky decisions and a sprinkling of fate have speedily lead me onto the path of my Bombaby journey.

But the long story isn’t my story; it's the story of the artisans in that ancient city who I just seemed to connect with, the beautiful tradition of block printing itself, and the customers who value authentic, handmade things that get people asking them, “Where on earth did you get that from?