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How long will it take for my item to be shipped? We will try to post it that day for you and, if not, certainly within 24 hours. Orders placed on Saturday/Sunday will be processed the next Monday. The same goes for bank holidays.
Will you reply to my messages quickly? Yup! As soon as we possibly can!
Is everything really made by hand in India? Absolutely! Our children's quilts are made entirely by hand from hand block printed cotton voile; nothing has been run off a factory conveyor belt, making each and every item totally unique and rather special. All of our accessories and jute mats are also handmade by artisans in Jaipur. We hope to bring you more details, blog posts and photographs of our team over the coming months.
Why is block print so fabulous? Because each and every yard of fabric is totally unique! The fabric is also block printed by hand (yes!) and so no two items can ever be the same. Yes, there are inconsistencies, occasional paint splatters and variations, but this is what makes hand printed fabric so extra special.The traditional method of block printing brings real authenticity and vibrance to the fabrics; no print is ever identical or the same. 
Do you just sell children's items? Gosh, no! It all started with a few kids' quilts, but everything has been designed to be multi-purpose and versatile; our items are just as happy in your fancy hand luggage as they are in a child's nursery. Weekend bags, block print accessories and other exciting additions will be coming in February.
Can I get a bespoke order made? It's possible. Please ask!
The item I really want is showing as out of stock. How long does it take to get new stock in? This is tricky one, as importing from Jaipur isn't always straightforward. The process can take up to 30 days from when an item has gone out of stock, but it can often be much sooner than that. Please email me for updates.
What's the Rutland connection? I live there and love it!