Bombaby block print blue quilt. King size bed. Handmade blue leaf print quilt with pink spots. Reversible. Ethically sourced bedding.
Bombaby block print blue indian quilt. King size bed. Handmade blue leaf print quilt with pink spots. Reversible quilt for kingsize bed. Ethically sourced handmade bedding.
Bombaby handmade blue king size quilt. Leaf pattern and pink spotty reverse. Indian bedding.
Blue leaf print. Reversible king size quilt. Block print. Bombaby bedding.
Bombaby block print indian reversible quilt. Pink spots and blue leaf print bedding. Handmade and ethically sourced.
Blue leaf print block print quilt from Bombaby. Pink spotty quilt. Ethically sourced Indian textiles from Bombaby.
Pink spotty king size quilt from Bombaby. Block print quilt from Bombaby. Ethically sourced.
Block print indian blue leaf print quilt from Bombaby. Ethically sourced handmade bedding. king size bed.
Block print king size quilt from Bombaby. Blue and pink handmade quilt on king size bed.
Block print quilt in matching drawstring bag. Both handmade and ethically sourced from India. Quilt and storage bag from Bombaby.

Handmade Rahel Kingsize Blue & Pink Spotty Quilt

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After so many requests for king size quilts too, I finally relented and designed these bespoke block print quilts for you lovely Bombabes!

Meet Rahel: beautiful and delicate aqua blue leaf motifs with a stunning and NEON pink dotty reverse! Bold and quirky but with all of the nods to tradition throughout; a truly bespoke handmade king size quilt with so much colour and vibrancy.

As ever, painstaking attention to detail has been applied throughout the process, the quilts having been stitched entirely by hand using handprinted cotton in the most beautiful colour combinations and neon brights. These quilts are everything that Bombaby is about: East meets West; a fusion of traditional Indian patterns and techniques with fresh and modern Bombaby vibes galore.

There are three patterns available in our Kingsize block print quilt collection; they all come with a matching drawstring bag for when you need to store it away. These handmade quilts really are designed to last; they truly are heirloom pieces to treasure and pass down to loved ones too. Buy once; keep for a lifetime.

As with all of our beautiful handmade quilted cotton items from India, they are ethically sourced and sustainably packaged. Please don't expect perfection in the print; these are handmade items and no two are ever the same! There are only ten block print quilts made in each batch, so rest assured that you're receiving something entirely unique and utterly bespoke in it's creation.

Need To Know:

  • made entirely by hand
  • block print cotton voile with a light cotton filling
  • 220x260 cms (King size)
  • for best results, dry clean only; a cool, gentle wash on a delicates cycle is also recommended, but please don't use harsh detergents or tumble dry. I'm handmade; look after me!
  • Please note: all Bombaby items are lovingly handmade by our team of artisans in Jaipur; any inconsistencies, ink splash or variations in print & fabric are part of the beauty of these bespoke block print textiles. Dimensions may slightly vary.