The August Luxe List: the skint version...

Ok, so it's not August and it's not Luxe; the heat is clearly getting to me and you can see how frazzled I am already from such a crazy start of term! PHEW!

If we are honest, it was definitely 'time for everyone to go back', so much so that the last few weeks of the holiday were an utter blur of bickering, piles of laundry and emergency back-to-school shopping trips, as we had left it ALL 'til the last minute. Again.

So, by the end of the month, all of my hard cash had been spent on new school shoes (that they moaned about), new backpacks (that took weeks to choose and are already ripped) and endless packs of 'essential' highlighters that already have no lids. Sigh.

So I was inspired to do a 'skint' list for all of the many mums out there already bankrupted by their kids going back to school or uni. 

Much love,

Sarah x

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Hux Hydration Electrolytes £19

I love these hydration tabs as I'm terrible at drinking water and really struggle with recovery (Crossfit enthusiast & runner) as I don't get enough rest. These - after a workout - are simply brilliant and they taste fab too.

The Inkey List: Oat Cleanser £9.59

If you like a balm cleanser but don't like digging it out of a pot, this is a superb hybrid of a liquid/balm version and it leaves your face squeaky clean with no dryness. The price point for its quality is also incredible. Outperforms Elemis and any other of the big hitters, IMO.

Baker Boxx: Baking Subscription £12

My ten year old LOVES baking and cooking, so I got her this lovely monthly subscription to their 'Trend Boxx' - this month it's squidgy Brookies! Delish! They also do bread boxes and they're suitable for all ages.

19/99 Lash Tint Mascara £14

This is a complete game-changer if you love mascara but aren't feeling the 'fully made up' vibe. Like a lash tint (and with no smudging), the brown version opens up eyes with a subtle lift, just like you've had a tint. Washes off easily. My new go-to.

Downdog & Crow: crystal candles £20.

These crystal candles from small business Downdog & Crow are sensational; I honestly haven't ever loved a candle as much as I do these. Beautiful aromas, gorgeous packaging and thoughtfully chosen crystals make these such a wonderful present. I'm hooked.

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