Sustainability News: pretty packaging & our in-house repairs 🌍

Pretty Packaging

For many of us, the moment of unboxing our exciting new purchases is possibly the most thrilling part of the journey; from the moment we hit 'Confirm Order', the anticipation of the new arrival builds and builds until that delicious box of joy lands on the doorstep, a few days later. 

At Bombaby, we take the thrill of unwrapping as seriously as we take our commitment to sustainability, so I thought I would talk you through our packaging choices in a little more detail, also letting you know exactly what we are doing to be more thoughtful and committed to protecting the environment.


  • All of our packaging is eco friendly and our boxes & postage bags are made from recycled cardboard or paper; they are also fully recyclable and are designed to withstand returns too, so that you don't need to use additional packaging if you are sending back any of your purchases.
  • Our gorgeous patterned Bombaby tape on the boxes is made entirely from paper and is fully recyclable.
  • We don't print out order slips for each and every order; everything is digital these days, so this is unnecessary. Gift notes and post cards are all made from recycled materials and we only include what we need; please don't expect shiny catalogues and leaflets promoting snack boxes or free cases of wine in your orders!
  • Many of our products are now presented in our very own Bombaby block print dust bags, meaning that the plastic alternatives are banished and you get to keep something utterly lovely that can be used over and over rather than being swiftly discarded. A real 'Brucey Bonus', as one of our lovely customers called them!
  • Our tissue is all recycled paper and our 'filler' is the lovely recycled 'chip shop' paper or recycled 'sizzle pack', made entirely from scrap paper and cardboard. Even our fabulous neon ribbon is Berisford's 'Eco' ribbon, so every last touch really has been thought about.

Full Transparency: why is there plastic in my order?

Our products all precariously make their way from India in large freight boxes and can sometimes be victim to leaks and other damage in transit. Therefore, our team in India will often protect the quilted products in plastic bags and our enamelware from Kashmir, in particular, will need to be wrapped in plastic to protect the delicate art work in transit. On arrival in the UK it seems foolish to replace this plastic just for the sake of appearances (using up even more packaging in the process!), so if any of your items arrive in plastic, please know that this is simply the original packaging used that is being repurposed, to reduce excessive amounts of waste at all stages of the process.


The Repair Shop

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have been working hard behind the scenes to think of exciting new ways to breathe new life into products that may have been returned or arrived in the UK, damaged from transit. With our quilted accessories being made entirely by hand, there will naturally be flaws and occasional faults. We are only human! So, working with our in-house seamstress, Gemma, we are now repairing any faulty items and reselling them at fabulously low, bargain prices for you to take full advantage of. Essentially, we feel that giving our beautiful and well-made products a second chance is vital in battling excessive waste and consumption.

Our samples and seconds are never discarded; we carefully store them for Green Friday sales and similar events. We mean it when we say that nothing goes to waste!

Head to our SALE section now to browse our preloved & repurposed items that are looking for their forever homes.

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