Stop The Clocks: Autumn is Finally Here!

I always look forward to the clocks going back in half term; it seems to somehow signal the end of that first, hard slog back at school, but also the start of the exciting gallop into festivities that seems to (legitimately) now begin.

Autumn has a place in all of our hearts really; there are few Brits who don't admire the coppery blazes of colour in our gardens and the milder gusts of wind during those late sunny afternoons. Winter isn't quite here; summer hasn't quite left us completely yet, either. 

For me, it's also a glorious excuse to pack away the lighter summer dresses, start digging out the suede winter boots and start browsing for some slightly cosier coats and wintery boho home accessories on my favourite websites. Here are a few things that have caught my eye this week:

If you haven't stumbled across Lanx Footwear yet, then you're in for a real treat; I'm totally obsessed with their gorgeous, beautifully made boots and you even get a free pair of lovely socks with your first order. I'm lusting after a pair of their Whalley boots in Conker which, with a thick pair of chunky socks, jeans and a gorgeous oversized cream cardigan is precisely what I'll be wearing all autumn.

As a no nuts household, we often find it incredibly difficult to find delicious treats that don't contain lashings of nuts, so I was thrilled to discover that the glorious Cutter and Squidge do a No Nuts Mixed Brownie Box, making gifting for those with allergies and dietary requirements (vegan too) so much easier. Their whole website is a genuine feast for the eyes; I challenge you leave it without loading up your cart with fabulous things!At the start of September and as part of a wonderful local business - The Happy Little Pop Up Shop in Oakham, Rutland - Bombaby went on a whirlwind adventure at the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials for four days. Wowzers! It was such brilliant fun and we met some epic small businesses and their equally as eclectic owners. I bought the most SPLENDID wool fedora from the lovely Trish at Just Seven and the colourful feathers have been quite the head-turner in the last few weeks; it draws admiring glances wherever I go. Take a look at their website for some other quirky hats and Trish has a bevvy of funky feathers to choose from, so do get in touch if you're looking for something truly bespoke.

Our Lata Floral Quilt is, without doubt, the jewel in our crown and the complete heroine of the season; only in the last week there has been a flurry of orders for this beautiful handmade block print quilt. It's just the perfect boho luxe home accessory this season. I think what makes this handmade quilt so special is all of the attention to detail: the bespoke floral hand-blocked pattern in bright autumnal hues; the feminine pink heart print reverse; and the prettiest pink ruffle for added wow factor. All of our block print bedding is made in tiny batches - nothing is ever mass made - and our handmade boho accessories are all slowly made by talented artisans in Jaipur and then sustainably packaged by me.

Our bespoke Lata Floral block print design is also featured in our collection of quilted boho accessories; tote bags, pencil cases, weekend bags and backpacks are just a few of the beauties you'll find there. My personal favourite is the kids backpack and this stunning pattern is a perfect gift for little people with autumn birthdays.

I hope that the extra hour in bed this morning has been a delicious one for you all; I still had a small person wiggling around next to me throughout the early hours, so I'm not quite as refreshed as I would like to be!

With Christmas firmly on the horizon now, our thoughts will be turning soon to present shopping, decorations and all of the festive fun, so indulge yourselves for a moment in this short stretch of autumnal bliss, before the carnage really begins!


Sarah x 

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