Why A Quilt Should Last Forever

I've always had a passion for bedding; there's just something so gorgeous about a beautiful, vibrant throw or quilt that can cleverly disguise the slightly bobbled and faded duvet cover set underneath. They are the ultimate disguise for slightly-past-it but too-comfy-to-chuck bedlinen.

Bombaby handmade block print quilts in animal print. Children's quilts in flamingo, tiger and leopard rainbow prints.

Bombaby only started at the end of last year and children's bedding, being my real passion, was where it felt natural to start. I yearned for wildly bright and eye-catching handmade children's quilts, but struggled to find anything that wasn't from a mainstream supermarket or department store; I've always loved the thrill of finding 'special' and bespoke home accessories and buying the mass-produced options out there never quite gave me the same hit. I want to know that I'm buying something really special; something that no one else has (yet).

Our standard block print quilts have been crafted entirely by hand; a fact that still boggles my mind completely. Scallop borders and edgings have really taken off in popularity for the last few years now; our brightly coloured scalloped edges with their fabulous tassels really do give them the requisite 'wow factor' that we all long to create in our children's rooms. For now, we have the three 'core' patterns: Indian Tiger, Pink Flamingo and Neon Rainbow Leopard; there's also a brightly coloured floral ruffle quilt, with a fabulous heart print reverse if you're looking for something a bit more whimsical, feminine and boho in style.

Bombaby neon rainbow leopard kids quilt. single and double bed. Reversible block print quilt from India. Matching accessories available. Leopard, Flamingo, Tiger animal prints.bombaby handmade tiger print quilt. block print quilt for children. Bombaby pink flamingo quilt. Handmade block print quilt for children.

When placing an order to restock these all a few months ago, I thought long and hard about how to increase the longevity of these block print quilts; the cost is high, so the value to you needs to exceed that still, making them a worthwhile and treasured purchase. We decided to tweak the sizing so that all of the standard quilts now fit a double bed as well as a single; when your little person moves up from their first bed, therefore, there's no need to purchase another brand new quilt too. We also introduced the drawstring bags that come with all of our standard and king size quilts, so that they can safely be stored when you don't need them, making it easier to rotate as your tastes change without feeling the need to pack them away for a whole season. The drawstring bags are completely free because we want you to love your quilt and to treasure it forever.

The incredible king size block print quilt collection only arrived last month and I've been shocked by how fast they're selling. A true investment at £195, our Bombabes are now realising that investing in quality bedlinen is not just an investment in bedroom décor; these quilts are going to give you extra warmth and comfort in the winter months too. With energy prices continually on the rise (groan), many of us are more inclined to yell 'put a jumper on!' to the kids when they're moaning; an extra layer on the beds when the temperature drops is already on our minds too for the months ahead. Our king size block print quilts are also made entirely by hand and our designs are entirely bespoke; you won't find anything as colourful and uplifting out there, in my humble opinion! Estha, Rahel and Malati (all named after some of my favourite characters in Literature) are reversible, exquisitely crafted and each one is entirely unique; the ancient process of block printing means that no two designs are ever the same. 

Our handmade Indian block print quilts are perfect to hand down to siblings, pass on to family or to keep to yourself for a lifetime; they are heirloom pieces that deserve to be treasured. We hope that you'll love yours forever.

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