Schemes and Plans, Spring 2022

Greetings, fellow Bombabes!
I'll be honest: the start of this year has been a little hairy. Stock running dangerously low, switching suppliers in Jaipur and entering the busiest term of them all at work has resulted in a fairly stressful few months. However, there is a glimmer at the end of the tunnel and I thought some of our loyal Bombabes might be interested in knowing what delights are in the pipeline and when to expect new, exciting stock.
I decided to switch my supplier for several reasons, but the whole process has proven to be a little more costly and lengthy than I had anticipated. But, the new blocks are nearly made, the sampling is nearly done and our new range of handmade children's scallop quilts should be on their way to us by the end of this month.
We've even been playing around with some of the colours and sampling different animal prints for our children's bedding range:
animal block print handmade scallop kids quiltcheetah animal print block print handmade scallop kids quilt
In addition to our animal print bedding, we are adding a beautiful floral to the collection, but still keeping to the Bombaby vibes and using bright, vibrant hues to make it really stand out:
I'm also keen to extend our home accessories range with more handmade woven jute items, so some fabulous storage baskets and shoulder bags are currently being made; they will, of course, be pimped up by me with some stitching on each to make them brilliant gifts and much-deserved treats!
handmade jute woven bag quirky home accessories and giftshandmade woven jute basket quirky boho home accessories and gifts
At the heart of our collection is the handmade scallop quilt range for children; I'd love to extend this to include kingsize quilts and throws at some point, mainly to satisfy my own bedding addiction more than anything else! If you have any thoughts or suggestions then I'd be so delighted to hear from you; knowing what you love and what you'd like to see would be so incredibly helpful.
For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the return of the Jungle Luxe Quilted Washbags, fear not: they are nearly here! I have struggled to find all of the same colours, but there are a few new ones in the mix too and they are just such brilliant gifts for friends. I sold out of a particular colour in just one day before Christmas! I thought a gorgeous palm print would look pretty lush with a bright tassel; this is due to land in the next week or so:
palm tree block print fabric quilted wash bag gift home accessories
So, I do hope that you'll keep following me on this crazy journey and that the new stock in the coming weeks keeps you excited and wanting to check in for new updates. Don't forget to sign up to the newsletter for occasional updates on what's coming soon. I promise not to spam you!
Big love,

 animal block print tiger handmade scallop kids quilt

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